Call started: 10:03 AM

Miss Richardson: Good morning friends! How are we all doing today?

Aspen, Harmoni, Jaxtyn: Hi Miss Richardson!

Maddox, Wynter opening and closing their mouth as they stare at the camera.

Kashton: Poop-fart!

Kashton’s mom in the background: Oh, come on!

Kids laugh hysterically.

Miss Richardson: Ok, no potty talk please Kashton.

Beckett: My dog threw up this morning!

All kids: Ewwwww….

Harmoni: My dog eats his own poop but mommy still lets him lick her mouth.

Miss Richardson: Ok friends, we’re gonna sing the good morning song.

Miss Richardson (Singing): Good morning to you, good morning to you!

Some kids sing mostly on key, others laugh and make silly faces.

Miss Richardson (Singing): Good morning to you, good morning to you!
We are all in our places with bright shiny faces… and I say to you, good morning…

Kashton: to poo!

Kashton’s mom in the background: Gawdammit, this kid!

Kashton has left the chat.

Maverick: Kashton is gone!

Beckett: Where did Kashton go?

Miss Richardson: Kashton had to go for now. Ok class, did we all remember to do our assignment?

Harmoni’s Mom: Hi, Miss Richardson…Miss Richardson. Hi, where were we supposed to go get that?

Shiloh: Ewww…doggie poo mouth!

Harmoni’s Mom: What did that kid just…

Miss Richardson: Hi Ashlee, that was in the distance learning portal, under assignments for the week.

Harmoni’s Mom: Oh, I don’t even have a login for that. Do I?

Miss Richardson: Harmoni does…you can find it in her email.

Harmoni: She has an email?

Kashton has joined the chat.

Kashton’s Mom: So sorry about that Miss Richardson! I don’t know why…

Miss Richardson: I sent an email last week…

Kashton’s Mom: You sent me an…

Miss Richardson: No, I was talking to Ashlee, Harmoni’s mom.

All kids are hooting, hollering and making fart noises with their mouth.

Harmoni’s Mom: Ok, I’ll ask her about it. Sorry to interrupt!

Aspen: I have to go pee pee, Miss Richardson. Be right back!

Kashton: Pee pee pants!

Kashton’s Mom: I swear to gawd, Kashton…

Kashton has left the chat.

Miss Richardson: Ok, who would like to present their drawing first?

Jaxtyn: Oh, me me! I wanna go first!

Miss Richardson: Ok, Jaxtyn, that’s great! Thank you for being brave and volunteering to go first.

Harmoni’s Mom: Sorry, Miss Richardson…Harmoni doesn’t know her password. How can we reset it?

Harmoni: Mom, I know how! Stop.

Harmoni’s Mom: Ok, never mind. Carry on. Sorry…sorry.

Jaxtyn: Here’s my drawing. This is my big brother playing Roblox on his iPad. He’s ALWAYS doing that. That’s my dad, looking at his phone.

Miss Richardson: That’s very nice, Jaxtyn. Your family is hanging out together.

Wynter: I have Roblox!

Aspen: Awww lucky!

Miss Richardson: It’s Jaxtyn’s turn right now, Wynter and Aspen.

Jaxtyn: And this is my mom. She’s drinking her special mommy juice. It helps her put up with all our shit.

Kashton has joined the chat.

Kashton: Fart butt!

Miss Richardson: Fuck this.

Miss Richardson has left the chat.

Call ended: 10:07 AM