I may actually end up writing some of these, but for now they’re just headlines without a story.

1. Take it Easy on Your Kids. This Pandemic Sucks for Them, Too.

2. Marriage in the COVID-19 Era: Will Divorce Rates Skyrocket?

3. Routine During Quarantine? “Think Again”, Says COVID-19

4. What’s Your Excuse Now, Dear Hubby? Change that Damn Diaper! No, Seriously.

5. My Kids Watched Screens for 80% of Their Waking Hours. I’m Not Even a Little Bit Ashamed.

6. Long Distance Learning For Preschoolers Has Nothing to Do With Education

7. “Have you always chewed so loudly?” and Other Questions Couples Are Asking

8. Working At Home with My Wife for 4 Years Still Didn’t Prepare Me for This

9. We Have to Be Living In a Simulation Being Run by 12-Year-Old Boys…Right?

10. I’m Honestly Torn Between Crushing 5 Side Hustles and Doing Just the Bare Minimum to Survive

11. Which Kid’s Show Theme Song is Stuck in YOUR Head?

12. I Actually Miss Getting Mad at Other Parents in the School Drop-Off Line

13. 6+ Ways That Having Kids Is Actually Beneficial Right Now

14. David After the Dentist Had It Right: Is This Real Life?

15. Millions of Parents Are Really Struggling Right Now